Drazen Kozjan was born in Karlovac, Croatia and grew up listening to folk tales and family stories told by his Mother and Grandmother.

When his family moved to Canada, Drazen fell further in love with storytelling in illustrated books, comic books, cartoons, and music. When not immersed in book illustrations by NC Wyeth, Harry Clarke, Dr. Seuss, or Jack Kirby, he was scratching away at his own drawings.

Drazen began his illustration career when his 7th grade teacher asked him to draw posters of the Norse legends Thor and Loki for his classroom in exchange for which he awarded Drazen a book on aliens and one by Edgar Allen Poe. From there, he created posters and album covers for local bands which led to other illustration assignments on videos, magazines, and TV commercials. Drazen jumped into the world of television animation and has since helped to develop, design, and storyboard numerous successful cartoons including "The Neverending Story", "Rupert the Bear", "Franklin the Turtle", and "George Shrinks", among many others.

In 2005, he realized a dream and illustrated his first children's book Diary of A Fairy Godmother by Esme Raji Codell (Hyperion Books for Children, 2005). Since then Drazen has illustrated books such as The Biggest Girl In the World by Joanne Stanbridge (Reed Publishing) and How to Tame a Bully by Nancy Wilcox-Richards (Scholastic). He is currently working on Julia Gillian (and the Art of Knowing) by Alison McGhee (Scholastic, 2008), the first in a middle grade series.

Drazen Kozjan lives in Etobicoke, Ontario with his wife Alison, Igor the cat, and Monty the rabbit. He usually has five or six books on-the-go, sliding off his night-table. Every now and then he exhibits some personal paintings in group shows and he loves the sound of the ice cream truck outside his door.